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About Us

53 Years of Experience

Founded in 1968 by Rasim TÜYSÜZ, OMNİ METALLURGY started its production with metal injection, plastic injection, metal form and progressive molds production. Seeing the need in the sector in 1997, it produced its own design CE certified panic exit mechanism and special type hinge for the first time in Turkey.

Ease of installation

The OMNI Panic Bar can be installed in as little as 7 to 8 minutes, while the one of the other brands in the market that is installed in the shortest time is applied in 20 minutes.

Application area

OMNI PANIC BAR can be applied not only to steel doors, but also to aluminum, wood, glass and plastic doors. There is no need for an additional apparatus.

Certified product

OMNI PANIC BAR is certified. It has been tried in fire tests many times and has received CE certificates.

Study system

It is designed with tongue and counter radius. This ensures that the opening force of the door is increased during loading to the panic bar, and the tongue slides over the striker and opens easily. (In other panic bars, the tongue and striker work on top of each other, either angled or straight. This is also inconvenient.)

No Right - Left application

It is not necessary to determine the directions of the doors applied during the order. The same mechanism can be applied to both the right and left door.

Compliance with the norms

The working system of OMNI Panic Bar is on steel components and this steel body is applied on the door and the cover caps are attached to the body for display only. Again, the system works with the help of precision cast steel joints. (In other panic bars, the aluminum body is applied to the door, this is inconvenient)

Omni Metalurji, the first panic bar mechanism manufacturer in Turkey, carries this experience to the field of all emergency exit systems with its ever-expanding product range.
Our Basic Principle and Goals

Our basic principle; To make a difference by keeping customer, employee and supplier satisfaction at the highest level, to respond to expectations with our products, employees and service quality.

Our goal is; To ensure that our products always reach our domestic and foreign buyers with the highest quality and usability by closely following the technological developments with the participation of our employees and the support of the management. To contribute to the country's economy by using production functions effectively, efficiently and customer-oriented, by producing new products with high added value, aimed at increasing employment and exports.